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Our SERVICES in detail. 



The idea of a film is the basis for everything.

Together with you, we develop, design and formulate a detailed shooting concept.


With this concept as a basis, we then plan and organize the shoot.


With our camera technology, we are equipped for all types of productions and always shoot with the right technology for the project. We always pay attention to the originality of the pictures.


Aerial and underwater shots, high-speed shots and the use of the latest stabilization systems on the market (slider, gimbal, crane, etc.) are used here.


The final film is created in editing. Here you can put the crown on everything with skill and sensitivity.


A sense of rhythm and an understanding of images are among the most important skills here.


That's why it makes sense in many cases if we also accompany our recordings during editing and post-processing.


Especially in the age of social media, there are numerous ways to make a film available to the end user!

Not only do we transcode and optimize your film for upload and optimal integration into various online platforms, we also develop the right plan for the best possible exploitation of your film, while at the same time increasing your marketing success.

No matter what requirements you have, together with our partners we will put together an individual and suitable package for you!


Just ask for a non-binding offer .

Making Of - Malou - Stephan an der Kamera
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